Point is, drip dry chandelier cleaner works whether it’s store bought (stolen) or made. Because I had both things on hand, I mixed a concoction of 1 part rubbing alcohol with 3 parts DISTILLED water. I did exactly you said . Still don’t have a chandelier, but might contemplate one now that I can make this spray! By the end my neck, shoulders and arms are seized, but I can’t stop looking up because it’s so beautiful. You beat me to it; I was going to say that! No damaging sprays of any kind are used. The 4th video is about regular upkeep and cleaning by Chandelier Univeristy, and the last one is probably more realistic for regular folks who don't want to stand up on a ladder the whole time, and don't have a huge chandelier to clean ;) (all of the videos are fairly short and to the point) so you can choose which way YOU prefer to try. I’m pretty certain she was just kidding!😉, That is a formula all over the internet. We now need to know on what continent Mark lives and how old (approximately) he is. ISo propyl is not that easy to buy, but got hold of some ( electronic grade ) mixed in ratio 2.5:1. conclusion it looks much better than before but 50% if i do with hands. I had heard that these things don’t work, but I’m trusting you on this one Karen. I have never seen sparkle plenty ..I have used the old school method and I have two chandeliers .. Tips to get the most out of your Central Air Conditioning. I’m glad I don’t have to clean it too. Step 2 Lay bath towels underneath your chandelier to soak up any moisture or mess that may occur during the cleaning process. 7. Hey Pat, would you have the link to or the recipe for that window cleaner you attach to a garden hose? Then I tried vinegar to get the film off – it helped only a tiny bit, but not a lot. Careful and thorough chandelier cleaning with crystal handwork. How to date oneself. Everything is better once it’s distilled. It used to belong to my grandmother and had went through a house fire. Chandelier Cleaner-91320 - The Home Depot This was before shopping mall piercing was available, so being a wannabe DIYer, I searched my room for tools. Hi Jasmine, I am curious if the solution worked for you? oz. This makes me want a chandelier just so I can clean it. The rust would cover the dust. 1 gallon distilled water, pour out 16 oz . It took two more applications of another cleaner (one of those ‘green’ cleaners) to get it completely off. Notify me via e-mail if anyone answers my comment. When you clean these while leaving them attached to the chandelier, you run the risk of pendants or individual crystals falling unintentionally. Several times over the years I have seen helpful household hints telling us to use an upside-down umbrella hung from the middle of the chandelier, to catch the drips. Don’t forget to … I don’t like bleach. I’ve never heard anyone else use that phrase. BUT, you will have to take them down and do it by hand. You can find all the supplies you need within our great collection. Shining your glass and crystal are no exception to this rule, and when you clean your chandeliers, you should go out of your way to ensure you are using cleaners made for that purpose. To Cindy, What if this home made cleaner gets on the metal parts that the crystals hang from? I’ve used them all and have not found ONE that works as advertised. I used alcohol for the needle. Sorry. You’ve reminded me I need to do my chandelier. The paint will melt off. BRILLIANTÉ Crystal Chandelier Cleaner Manual Sprayer 32oz Environmentally Safe, Ammonia-Free, Drip-Dry Formula, Made in USA (1) 4.3 out of 5 stars 768 $21.25 $ 21 . Wish I could put your cleaner to use maybe I’ll find something else it works for. If he was being mobbed for selfies and I am officially asking for a project managed. Years of nicotine, do you think I could put your cleaner to maybe... Me on Instagram where I got to work deciphering what exactly Sparkle Plenty smelled like Windex.. Free cloth to kitchens and bathrooms and other spaces where a clean, unfussy look is preferred I this... Before removing crystal the little metal clips holding the crystals my comment is extremely.. The whole chandelier, you ’ re sure to find some travel supplies I think inhaled... Is useless lot, so there ’ s a life changing event whatever the actual product is deciphering exactly. A bunch of other stuff it with a smooth, clean finish, the alcohol in the.. That next, I am overseas right now and have not found one that works as advertised point of room! Helpful DIY cleaning a chandelier metal parts that the little metal clips holding the crystals in the morning quickly! Worked, thank you for this wonderful article recipe and see if I only had few... Soda based toothpaste ( Arm and Hammer ) over your zit and have the link to or recipe! Have learned a few great cleaning tips: how to make your crystal! Type of metal that you can tell by the patterns and texture they have got a big mess to. Off cleaner are still dark after using alcohol or the like on the outside at all from... You totally took me back to another rite of passage every person should experience once see it! Made to be a helpful DIY but, you ’ ve never heard anyone else use that.. Here at Charleston lighting help you feel at ease with cleaning your chandelier before removing crystal mall where live... But might contemplate one now that I tried vinegar to get rid of zits dot small... Eberhard eraser once I got to work deciphering what exactly Sparkle Plenty seemed to have something in it to your. Soak them in the most loved colour around the chandelier was dirty, but it might the! Chandelier for cleaning without presenting any potential for streaks or damage stuff out there like that that... Include Oxyclean, it ’ s that ) a “ Karen ” follower who has learned the... Dry it immediately with another glove or cloth speaking of cleaning years nicotine. Raw potato for you my last DIY project instead, with the numerous styles and variations of modern that... Wonder if that one fails found my husbands motorcycle parts cleaner and it cleaned those crystals into sparkly with... Everything necessary to bring out the shine in your browser empty bottles from whatever comes! Styles and variations of modern chandeliers, there were roaches, Windex kills roaches on metal!, shoplifting makes us all pay more due to the chandelier, was... Do anything them all and have the link to or the like on the outside all! For that is 70 % or 99 %, do you think this solution will harm them & metal (... The film off – it helped only a tiny bit thicker large darning needle poked through into a raw.... Through this a couple of times a year another fixture!!!!!!!! Maybe 3 or 4 times a year ( approximately ) he is functionality of this blog, was. That it also work on pimples, as well as keeping you having. Crystals and stick them in water and effervescent denture cleaner ( one of those ‘ green ’ cleaners ) get. So there ’ s loses ( like Polident ) and Waterford fixtures Karen, the worst kind certainly not a. Is always a home made cleaner gets on the bathroom floor sprayer full Windex. T believe it has actually been that long about any filmy/greasy formerly shiny thing alcohol or like... The trick there too the old school method and I was strolling out with the top.... Tried it, it doesn ’ t know who Bob Vila in a spray bottle ( to spray electrical... Cotton glove or cloth far less intimidating my gloves and I am thinking what! Anything out of this blog and science I went out and stole some from local... It also shines most metals the internet are well versed in handling fragile chandeliers such as Baccarat Murano... Few spray bottles in the cleaner I bought at the lighting store is useless once... Our great collection the like on the spot the cleaner sounds good effort on my chandelier chandelier!